Monday, February 13, 2017

Public School Talking Points

On February 10th, Brian Cleary published an article on The Edvocate entitled "A Reflection on the Success of Public Schools."  In it, he shared several positive facts about the public school system in the United States that I felt were worth re-posting here.

These are Brian's points:

  • The literacy rate in the US is 99% for those over the age of 15.
  • Our dropout rate has dropped consistently for the last 40 years.
  • More students than ever before (22 million, or 69%) will go on to some kind of secondary degree this year.
  • Public School graduates annually make up between 55% and 70% of the matriculating freshmen as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, MIT, Stanford, Brown, and Cornell.
  • 9 of the last 13 Presidents have gone through the Public School system.
  • More than a third of 338 Nobel Prizes won by U.S. citizens have been brought home by public school graduates, more than any other educational system.
  • Every Chair of the Federal Reserve for the last 50 years started out as a public school student,
  • Six of our Supreme Court Justice are the products of public education.

You can read Brian's article here.

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